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January 22, 2014
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How To Make Money With Good Survey Sites

Say So For Good

Good survey sites are extremely difficult to discover. It takes a lot of practice and experience to pick out the right survey company to work with. In this post I would like to give you three important elements that I look for in a survey site before I join and then recommend it my readers. The three factor I look for are reputation of the company, survey availabilities and compensation.

Good Survey Sites Have A Great Reputation

Having a good reputation is desired in any facet of business, however, when it comes to survey taking it is doubly necessary. A company with a outstanding  reputation will do what it says and give you the peace of mind to depend on what ever image they project. When you are doing paid surveys, you need a few good sites that can be relied upon. When a company says it is going to pay you after you complete a certain number of surveys, you want to make sure that you are paid. If they say a survey takes 15 minutes to complete and they are paying you $1.50 for the survey, that is what you  should be expecting at the end.

Although reputation is such a necessary ingredients for good survey sites, it is a rare commodity. If you don’t believe me, just go to Google and sign up with the first 5 sites that show up in the search query and come back later and let me know how well you did. What you will notice that a lot of these companies are not even survey sites. They build a nice website and tell you that you can become a millionaire taking survey and when you check their site out you find out all they want from you is your hard earn money.

Well I hope you are not one of them that fall prey to these silly tricks. So I want to share with my readers sites that I have tested and proven to be legit. What I mean here is that good survey sites that have been in business for some time and are consistently paying their members for taking surveys. You see the only way for you to really know the reputation of a survey company is by taking the advice of a reliable source or finding out thru your own experience. Well we are the source to help find the right survey sites and safe you the time and effort to discover them yourself.

Good Survey Sites Offer An Abundance Of Surveys

Another factor I look for in survey sites is how many surveys that have available. If a company is truly a survey site and is only sending you one survey per week I would stay away from them. Check out Opinion Outpost, they are truly a great survey site. They always have surveys available, I mean 5-10 surveys per day. That is the kind of site that you want to be a part of. I have signed up with survey sites a for weeks and sometimes months, I never hear anything from them. I consider sure a waste of people’s precious time and should be avoided at all cost.

Remember that the reason why you are interested in taking survey is to make money, so it is important that you channel your time and energy to do just that. If you keep sign up for survey sites that are not offering a good amount of survey, then you are wasting your time. Of course you have to do some things on your part. For instance, you have to fill out the various profile information that these survey sites have on their site, so that you can be qualified for various surveys. Once you have done your part a good survey site will do theirs by getting you the appropriate surveys that fit your demographics.

Good Survey Sites Pay A Reasonable Compensation

This part of survey taking is what most people find disparaging, and it causes more people to quit than any other factors listed. Get the right amount of money for your service rendered is paramount to good survey sites. But the reality is you can count on one hand the actual sites that really pay you a nice compensation for taking surveys. From my experience, on an average the good survey sites will pay you about $0.50 -$1 for 10 minutes, $1.50-$2 for 20 minutes and $2.50-$3.00 for 30 minutes. Occasionally you will get a survey for $5, $10 or $20 which only take 15-30 minutes, but this is not the norm. The bad survey sites on the other hand will want to pay you $0.5 -$1 for 20-30 minutes of your time. Please don’t sign up with these site, because you will be extremely frustrated in the end.

Most people see these numbers are shocked, because when a lot of these sites are advertising they are telling you that you can make a $50-$75 per survey that takes less than an hour. Well this is possible in very rare cases and these type of surveys are clinical in nature, which means if you have been diagnosed with some type of illness you can participate in these surveys. Anyway, you still can make a good amount of money taking surveys if you plan and strategized. I mean you can make about $1000-$3000, if you commit 4 to 8 hours daily and have a lists of legit surveys sites.

Here is my list of three good survey sites that you can start making money with now!

1) Vindale Research

This is the premier of all survey sites. They pay you up to $50 for product testing and have plenty of daily surveys that allow you to earn plenty of money.

2) Fusion Cash

This is another great paid survey sites that is on top of my listings. They provide you with numerous ways to earn hundreds of dollars. I average $600 or more per month from this one site.

3) Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollar is a great site, that offers a lot of ways that you can earn. They also offer some highly paid free trial offers. Just make sure you are taking the surveys on a regular basis and you will make plenty of money.

For been a reader of our website I have listed some more good survey sites for you to join and start making money with immediately. Check them out now!

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