A Top Notch Review Of Mint Vine Survey

January 9, 2014

Here is My Honest Review Of Mint Vine The Newest Survey Site

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Many survey companies say they offer the best paying online surveys, however, rarely does these sites turn out to be what they proclaimed in their advertisement. A lot of these sites use psychological hypes and trickery to lure users into  signing up for their offers then leave them disillusioned and disappointed. They tell you that you can make $50-$75 per survey and then when you join you find out that the only survey they offer are $0.50 surveys which takes 15-20 minutes. I love taking surveys, but if you are spending 20 minutes if only earn $0.50, it does not worth your time.

Today I was going thru a list of top paid online surveys and came across another great survey site. It is called Mint Vine. I quickly, signed up just to test and on the second day I made $10 with this site. This might not seem like a lot of money, but anyone who is aware of surveys will know that if you can make $10 with little effort, that’s a winning survey site and needs to be a part of your portfolio.

I put MintVine in my list of best paying online surveys, be this site fits the criteria that I use to judge a great website. For instance, how quickly can I earn from the survey site. As I said it took be about a full hour in all to earn $10 in my account. Any paid survey site that can allow you to make $10 in an hour is considered a viable site in my book. When you sign up with Mint Vine, you will be credited 200 points or $2.00 and you will notice a list of profile questionnaires ready for you to fill out. Each questionnaires will earn you points as soon as you complete them.

They also offer mini polls, which are quick yes or no questions that helps you to earn points quickly and easily. This is the first site that I came across that allow you to literally earn free cash. With most survey sites you have to work hard for every dime you make, however, not so with MintVine. There goal is to help you make money as quickly as possible.

Another way to judge if a site offers a great online survey site is through the survey opportunity that they provide. How much money can you make daily by using the site. I normally set my minimum threshold at $10. I a survey website can earn you at least $10 on  a daily basis, then, I consider it top notch. You can do the math here, if come across such good paying survey site. At ten dollars per day you would earn $300 per month. All you would need here is around ten survey sites to have a comfortable earnings of $3,000 every single month.

I am putting MintVine in the category of top paying online surveys and paid focus groups because it allows you to make around three hundred dollars on a monthly basis. If you would like to learn more about the other survey sites that I recommend, please see my page on Top ten best survey sites. With a nice portfolio of high paying survey sites you can make  a full time living online taking surveys.

The final attribute that I look at when evaluating the good paying online surveys is how quick the survey site pays me after I reach the payment threshold. A I said before, it is very rear for survey site to pay you instantly. Most of them hold on to your earns for a period of time before they release the funds. Mint Vine, is one of those site that releases your funds instantly. You can request your funds through PayPal as soon as you reach $10. This is awesome, because you can see the worth of your effort right away, without having to wait weeks and month before getting reward.

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